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About Us

I'm Mayli Feria and I love what I do.


I am an artist, photographer, and proud mother. When I am happiest, there is this insatiable urge inside me to snap a photo. To make something intangible, permanent. To preserve that joy forever, so that I may have it to adore any time my soul needs a smile.


I specialize in natural light photography and prefer to use available light whenever possible both for its beauty and for the natural style it lends to a finished portrait.


I love creating art with color and light as well as black and white portraits. Client galleries are a variety of work tailored to their preferences and edited to my style. I love working with rich colors, dramatic light, interesting angles, and spontaneity in posing. I would describe my work as full of energy and moments captured that will become unforgettable for both my clients and myself. I enjoy experimenting with new things, collecting interesting props, visiting new locations and traveling to new destinations to capture the beauty that surrounds us. I hope my work is always changing, always getting better.



I love getting to know each of my clients and helping them to create photographs that they will relish for years to come. I feel so fortunate that they invite me into their lives to observe and quietly capture their most precious moments. My greatest ambition is to capture those moments... the personality... the spirit... and preserve them forever, so that they may always be looked back upon with a smile. Those moments are a gift to me as much as to my clients because nothing brings me more joy.


I hope that viewing my work will bring each of you as many smiles as it has brought to me!



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